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One Swell Day : a wedding photography workshop // recap!



Welllll that was lovely.

I hosted a one-day workshop earlier this week, and (once the nerves had their say) it was actually tremendous fun. I’ve usually shied away from teaching since when you’re mostly self-taught in anything it’s difficult to explain your why’s and how’s, but I decided I’ve learned enough to have some things to say, and I if I can help people then I should really try to.

I talked the most about developing your photography style through understanding and acting on your inspiration, (since how can you find ideal clients to shoot your ideal work if you’re not being your ideal self?) and how + why to make your business more personable. We also talked about maximizing strengths + opportunities, workflow, travel, improving client + vendor relationships, all the advice I could think to give a wedding photographer, and a bit of everything else. The wonderful Laura + Megan from Events in the City even dropped in to talk from a planners point of view and that was a terrific help.

Since I’d wanted the day to feel more like a long coffee date than a class, Rust Manor House was the perfect venue for couches and tea cups and window light, especially when Rebecca (of A Daily Something) made it even more beautiful for us. Bonnie, Paula, Liz, Katarina, Tori, and Hannah were the fantastic attendees who made our time so fun, and they’ve also since formed a pretty exclusive book club which I can only hope to be invited to.

I’m so grateful to everyone who came and helped with my workshop, and I can’t wait to host another before too long!

Here are some shots of the day thanks to Paula : )

OneSwellDayWorkshop001 OneSwellDayWorkshop002 OneSwellDayWorkshop003 OneSwellDayWorkshop005 OneSwellDayWorkshop006





OneSwellDayWorkshop014 OneSwellDayWorkshop017 OneSwellDayWorkshop018 OneSwellDayWorkshop021 OneSwellDayWorkshop022 OneSwellDayWorkshop023

OneSwellDayWorkshop020 OneSwellDayWorkshop024



Wow!!! It looks like you had so much fun!!!

This looks like such a relaxed learning environment, I love it! I am sure it was such a great experience!

Eleanor and Kevin : Wedding // Murray Hill, Virginia

I thought about putting together a Year In Review post, but after looking back this New Year’s Eve, I decided this cheeriest day of summer would be best. This wedding set has so much joy for me, and there’s enough of my year wrapped up in this story that it only seems appropriate too : )

It started out as any another wedding…typical except for the interview call from Africa about some people who met in England and fell in love in Kenya and were getting married in Virginia before they moved to Scotland. When we finally met in person, Eleanor was instantly stuck to my heart and I’ve adored her, her man, her family, (and heck, even her friends) ever since.

Kevin and Eleanor are people who live out their priorities regardless of how hard the work is to get there, and I know that commitment will continue to make their relationship even more special. They’re also the most fun for whatever spontaneous plan or hypothetical argument you’d like to find yourself in, and I’ve been so blessed by their hospitality in my adventures across the sea. From learning to driving stick shift and frolicking by the sea in England in March to the city streets and crumbling bookstores of Glasgow this October, their lives have been such a gift to mine.

Their wedding was a gem of a day with its joy and play and whimsy, and the people they chose to bring their vision to life are some of the absolute best too. (Thanks especially to Paula for photographing with me!)

So, here’s to 2013 – to the colors, adventures and the friendships, the joys of contentment and lessons-learned, the strength of well-placed hope, the giving of love in truth, and the constant care and goodness of our God.



murray-hill002 murray-hill004 murray-hill005 murray-hill006 murray-hill008

murray-hill007 murray-hill010 murray-hill011 murray-hill012 murray-hill013 murray-hill014 murray-hill015 murray-hill016 murray-hill017 murray-hill018 murray-hill019 murray-hill020 murray-hill021 murray-hill023 murray-hill024 murray-hill025 murray-hill026 murray-hill027 murray-hill028 murray-hill029 murray-hill030 murray-hill031 murray-hill032 murray-hill033 murray-hill034 murray-hill035 murray-hill036 murray-hill037 murray-hill038 murray-hill039 murray-hill040 murray-hill041 murray-hill042 murray-hill043 murray-hill044 murray-hill045 murray-hill046 murray-hill047 murray-hill048 murray-hill049 murray-hill050 murray-hill051 murray-hill052 murray-hill053 murray-hill054 murray-hill055 murray-hill056 murray-hill057 murray-hill058 murray-hill059 murray-hill060 murray-hill061 murray-hill062 murray-hill063 murray-hill064 murray-hill065 murray-hill066 murray-hill067 murray-hill068 murray-hill069 murray-hill070 murray-hill071 murray-hill072 murray-hill073 murray-hill074 murray-hill075 murray-hill076 murray-hill077 murray-hill078 murray-hill079 murray-hill080 murray-hill081 murray-hill082 murray-hill083 murray-hill084 murray-hill085 murray-hill086 murray-hill087 murray-hill088 murray-hill089 murray-hill090 murray-hill091 murray-hill092 murray-hill093 murray-hill094 murray-hill095 murray-hill096 murray-hill097 murray-hill098 murray-hill099 murray-hill100 murray-hill101 murray-hill102 murray-hill103 murray-hill104 murray-hill105 murray-hill106 murray-hill107 murray-hill108 murray-hill109 murray-hill110 murray-hill111 murray-hill112 murray-hill113 murray-hill114 murray-hill115 murray-hill116 murray-hill117 murray-hill118 murray-hill119 murray-hill120 murray-hill121 murray-hill122 murray-hill123 murray-hill124 murray-hill125 murray-hill126 murray-hill127 murray-hill128 murray-hill129 murray-hill130 murray-hill131 murray-hill132 murray-hill133 murray-hill134 murray-hill135 murray-hill136 murray-hill137 murray-hill138 murray-hill139 murray-hill140 murray-hill141 murray-hill142 murray-hill0143 murray-hill145 murray-hill146 murray-hill147 murray-hill148 murray-hill149 murray-hill150 murray-hill151 murray-hill152 murray-hill153 murray-hill154 murray-hill155 murray-hill156 murray-hill158 murray-hill159


PS, see even more at the lovely feature on Green Wedding Shoes!

Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 5.11.36 PM

second shooter: Paula Bartosiewicz // venue: Murray Hill Leesburg, Virginia // event design, planning + coordination: Laura Ritchie with Events in the City // floral design + flower wreath: Sweet Root Village // wedding dress: Claire Pettibone // shoes: barefoot:)// bridesmaid dresses: J.Crew // groom’s bow tie: Balzac paris // groom’s suit: Reiss // hair + makeup: Claudine Fay // catering: Design Cuisine // music: DJ D Mac // vintage furniture rentals: Something Vintage // photo booth: Bash Booths // temporary tattoos: Tattly // stationery designer: Intrigue Design Studio


Completely breathtaking! i love this wedding and the photos ever so much. well done, chum :)

I died when I looked at this wedding…so so amazing!

Absolutely unbelievable! I remember seeing snippets of this wedding on GWS and being in awe. Your images always take me to another world Rebekah!

It’s perfect, in every imaginable way.

ohmystars, this wedding is perfect. i think i fell in love with all the happy colors. and the couple is so precious.
your work is absolutely stunning!