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molly and ryan : wedding // riverside on the potomac, virginia

riverside on the potomac001 riverside on the potomac002 riverside on the potomac003 riverside on the potomac004 riverside on the potomac005 riverside on the potomac006 riverside on the potomac007 riverside on the potomac008 riverside on the potomac009 riverside on the potomac010 riverside on the potomac011 riverside on the potomac012 riverside on the potomac013 riverside on the potomac014 riverside on the potomac015 riverside on the potomac016 riverside on the potomac017 riverside on the potomac022 riverside on the potomac023 riverside on the potomac024 riverside on the potomac025 riverside on the potomac026 riverside on the potomac027 riverside on the potomac028 riverside on the potomac029 riverside on the potomac030 riverside on the potomac031 riverside on the potomac032 riverside on the potomac033 riverside on the potomac034 riverside on the potomac035 riverside on the potomac036 riverside on the potomac037 riverside on the potomac038 riverside on the potomac039 riverside on the potomac040 riverside on the potomac041 riverside on the potomac042 riverside on the potomac043 riverside on the potomac044 riverside on the potomac045 riverside on the potomac046 riverside on the potomac047 riverside on the potomac048

riverside on the potomac053

riverside on the potomac052 riverside on the potomac054 riverside on the potomac055 riverside on the potomac056 riverside on the potomac057 riverside on the potomac058 riverside on the potomac059 riverside on the potomac060 riverside on the potomac061 riverside on the potomac062 riverside on the potomac063 riverside on the potomac064 riverside on the potomac065 riverside on the potomac066

Design: Antler House + Dogwood Events // Flowers: Lynnvale Studios // Assistant Photographer: Paula Bartosiewicz // Coordinator: Dogwood Events // Hair: Justin Lowe // Dress: La Reve Bridal

OH my gosh! This is a wedding beyond beautiful Rebekah!!! I love it so much! The horses & the sunset images !!! <3 <3

LOve,Love, looove! Oh my! What a gorgeous day you have documente here! I´m just always in love with your way of capturing emotions & sweet moments! <3
– feeling inspired from Germany ;)

travels : a summer holiday // England

Thanks to some marvelous weddings and hospitable friends, I got to live the dearest days of summer faraway with a splendid month in England. This visit was especially sweet as my mom got to join me halfway through, and our village holiday together made for the once-in-a-lifetime, fill-up-a-scrapbook kind of memories.

I’ve been to the British Isles a few times now so I don’t really go with any expected plans or views to accomplish, but I’m never without the stunned and wide-eyed appreciation for the beauty that’s simply everywhere. For an aesthetics-driven romantic, it’s like meeting another kindred spirit at every wild moss-and-stone hedged garden you pass before stepping in to queue at the charming artisanal neighborhood bakery, and that’s just from the walk for a morning coffee.

Coming at the middle of an especially mind-stretching year, this trip was a beautiful escape. I had time to read and write and catch my breath and just fill my eyes with the seeing, and I’m nothing but grateful for it.

If I’m being an irrational dreamer, I’d say my most concrete hope is to someday have a little stone cottage in one of these favorite countries, and spend my days designing and creating and convincing all my chums to come for a picnicking holiday. Until that (lovely but highly improbable) day I just have photos from visits to bring it to life, but I hope you enjoy. xx



England-summer007 England-summer008 England-summer009 England-summer011








England-summer024 England-summer026

England-summer020 England-summer004 England-summer002



England-summer027 England-summer029 England-summer030 England-summer031 England-summer032 England-summer033


England-summer036 England-summer035 England-summer038

England-summer037 England-summer039 England-summer040 England-summer042





England-summer044 England-summer048






England-summer053 England-summer054



England-summer057 England-summer058


England-summer055 England-summer060 England-summer062


Rebekah! I just adore seeing the world through your eyes. beautiful photographs.

Your photos are such an inspiration! I simply love the colors and how you frame your subjects. I am now determined to travel to england :) I just need to start pinching my pennies… :)


sign me up…i want to come ;) these are absolutely beautiful.

Oh goodness, I’ve been waiting for this. And it certainly exceeds my expectations.
Every time you go “over there”, your photos become more “homey”. You seem to find new mind-blowing nooks and crannies that aren’t necessarily along the most well-traveled path.
I’m so glad you’re including us in the adventure! Oh, and if perchance you do ever get that stone cottage, mind if I drop in?

leah Starin

As always with all your work… magical. i felt like i climbed into the pictures and was there myself.

Sue Skeith

An exquisite commentary Rebekah. More threads to make up your tapestry. Blessings x


Every Picture is stunning! I hope you had the time of your life!

this post is perfection. i love everything about it.

RJ. I’m so there…already convinced. just need the invite ;) and your mom…. <3 love love love that you got to spend just a beautiful time with her!


I would love to visit these places. Where are the castle ruins? WHere is the village?

This makes my heart ache for travel. Beautiful images Rebekah! THIS Rebekah will have to come picnic with you one day in that dreamy stone cottage of yours ;)

Too much perfect.

Delia and Joe : Wedding // Union Station, Washington DC




union-station-wedding010 union-station-wedding012 union-station-wedding013 union-station-wedding014 union-station-wedding015

union-station-wedding019 union-station-wedding020



union-station-wedding024 union-station-wedding025 union-station-wedding026 union-station-wedding029 union-station-wedding031 union-station-wedding032






union-station-wedding040 union-station-wedding041

union-station-wedding042 union-station-wedding044 union-station-wedding048 union-station-wedding051

Assistant Photographer: Noah Hayes // Bride’s gown: Amsale // Bridemaid’s dresses: Aidan Mattox // Coordinators: Emilie Hilsenrath, Bliss Weddings // Caterer: Design Cuisine // Flowers: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers // Venue: Union Station // Hair: KC Felton, The Elegant Artisan // Makeup: Marquia Kinard, Blend // String Quartet: String4 // Band: Gazze

Jennifer whitfield

oh my goodness, these are splendid! what a beautiful wedding! those first dance photos have perfect light and the bride and groom look so in love!

Love the Bw ones!! Lovely wedding!!


So beautiful! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous photography.